Kaipara Flats Library

Est. 1878

The library has existed in the same building since 1925, making it one of the oldest institutions in the area – and as it was in those early days, the building has never been connected to the power grid, masking it possibly the only Library in New Zealand without lighting!

Open to registered key holders, the Library holds an eclectic collection of literature from local history to Shakespeare, as well as a selection of contemporary authors and reference books.

The library is also home to a Book Discussion Club (BDS) – not to be confused with the local Book Club – where members discuss a particular piece of literature.

New members are Welcome – please contact us using the form below.


Kaipara Flats Library

21 Old Woodcocks Road

Kaipara Flats



 Open to registered Key holders at any time

Note the Library does not have electric light!


$15 per family

which entitles you to a key to enter the premises.

Kaipara Flats Library Newsletter

Membership & Renewal


To join

To join the Library please click on this link https://kaiparaflatslibrary.helloclub.com/register
Existing members can access their account by clicking on this link https://kaiparaflatslibrary.helloclub.com

Chairperson | Anne Cooney | 09 422 5106 | Email

Secretary/Membership Secretary | Evelyn Gauntlett | 09 422 5770 | Email

Treasurer | Jan McLaren | 09 422 5099 | Email

Librarian | Laraine Sheffield | 09 422 4057 | Email

Historian | Carol Hood | 09 422 5815 | Email


Library Book Club (BDS) |  Jan McLaren | 09 422 5099 | Email

Library Newsletter

The latest newsletter for the Kaipara Flats Library is now ready to view & download. Note the Library AGM is on Monday 14th May at 7.30pm.

The Kaipara Flats Library Book Club

This club operates under the aegis of the Christchurch WEA Book Discussion Scheme where the same book is distributed to members and discussed at the following meeting.

We have been meeting since September 2015 – growing from 7 members to 12. In the first year we met two-monthly but from September 2016 the club will meet Monthly.

During summer months meetings are held at the Library and rotated around members’ homes at other times.

Contact: Anne Cooney 09 422 5106